Frequently Asked Questions

Does VSSCopy have command line parameters?

Command Line Options

-a, --use-archive-bit
Only copy files with the archive bit set.

-b selections.bks, --backup-selections-file selections.bks
Use a .bks file to filter the selected files in the source directory.

-c, --clear-archive-bit
Clear the archive bit from source files after copying.

-d, --delete-files
Delete files and directories in the destination tree that do not occur in the source tree.

-f, --always-copy
Force files to always be copied, even if the destination file exists and is identical to the source file.

--link-dest directory
If an identical file exists in the --link-dest directory then link that into the destination directory rather than copying the file.

-l, --hard-link
Create hard links for files instead of copying. The source and destination must be on the same volume, which must support the creation of hard links.

Move files instead of copying.

Move files instead of copying, but delay the move until the next reboot. The source and destination must be on the same volume.

-n, --dry-run
Traverse the source and destination directories, but do not perform any actions. If --verbose is also given then prints out the actions that would occur without --dry-run.

-s, --use-vss
Create a shadow copy of the source volume and use that for copying.

Enable VSS writers. Implies --use-vss.

-v, --verbose
Print out detailed information about what VSSCopy is doing.

-h, --help
Print out this help message and exit.

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